Why Women Should Support Women

By: Meagan Mabilangan

In a society where women are still not as equal to men, there is nothing more important than women sticking together. But what is also so common to see is women putting other women down in certain situations. What good will that do? In a man driven world, being a woman is such an amazing thing and I believe that if we support one another we can change the world.

As women it’s so important to feel empowered and being and working with other women can have that effect on us. I know I truly get inspired when I’m around other badass women who are killing it in their field and they inspire me to want to work my hardest to achieve my goals. Through this we are not only empowering ourselves but the people around us. Being inspired by what other women are doing is a great thing to experience. Growing up in a world where many of the successes come from men, it’s so cool to see women like Michelle Obama and Beyoncé being those figures of inspirations for women all over the world. Through their hustle we are able to take from that what we need to allow ourselves to be the best we can be.

photo: Lindsey Lamont

photo: Lindsey Lamont

Women have this instinct to always support each other. This is such a wonderful and heartwarming thing. Having female friends especially, there with you in times of need is amazing. If you’re lucky enough to have that type of sisterhood with your family or your friends, cherish it. Being surrounded by strong women who help you get back up or are your cheerleaders during the best times in your life, are the people you want around forever. The women in your life should never put you down or make you feel any less than you are. These type of people are not the ones you should keep around. They are going to make you second guess everything you do and not support you in the things that you want to take on. Remember that strong women support other strong women and are always rooting for their successes.

As women we are all fighting the same battle, equality. We’re all out here doing our best to make sure that our peers, bosses, and educators see that we are just as smart or as skilled as our male counterparts. Equality for women in all aspects has definitely gotten better as times have changed and these issues have been brought to light. However, there is still so much work to be done in the fight for equality. We are so lucky to have a voice and being able to speak out with our sisters. It’s something that will take us very far. Being united with other women is what will help end this inequality and give us the recognition and support we deserve.

I’m so lucky to have such strong, kind, and successful women in my life. From my mom to my best girl friends, they inspire me everyday to be a better version of myself. They pick me up when I’m down and they make sure I know my worth. These women are a huge part of the woman I have become today, and I am so grateful for them. If you have women like this in your life, then you’ll agree that this is why women need to support women.

Meagan is currently a communications student in Toronto, Ontario. Combined with her passion for writing and love for lifestyle, health, and wellness, she is excited to be a part of the Seek Minimal community. She’s a music enthusiast, book nerd, and a pop culture fanatic.

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