What Does “Living An Ethical Life” Mean?

By: Meagan Mabilangan

What does living an ethical life mean? Are you already living one? Or are there ways that you can incorporate more ethical decisions into your lifestyle? These questions can only be answered by each individual person. Living an ethical life is based on your personal morals and values, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how each person can live the same way. Many people may have similar values and that’s a great place to start. 

We hear and see a lot of people talking about how they are living ethically. But what exactly does that mean? It can mean living through your own values, being conscious of consumerism, sustainability, and environmentalism and being educated on these topics. Now, not everyone is perfect in this way but there is so much value in constantly taking steps towards living a more ethical life. 

Knowing and putting into actions your values and morals is an important step in living ethically.

Whether you believe in spreading kindness through your everyday life or being a positive force, it all starts with what you believe in. This is the foundation for how you build an ethical life for you. It’s also important to remember those values. We live in a world where everyone is different and may have contrasting morals to your own. Making sure to stick with what you believe in will strengthen the values and your insight on ethical living. Whatever you choose to do, do it through what makes you feel like you’re doing the best thing for yourself.

A lot of what living an ethical life means is being aware and educated on the impact of consumerism, sustainability, and environmentalism. These are topics that are very important because they are topics that are needing attention. These days we talk about recycling and using reusable water bottles, metal straws are important in saving the turtles and shopping at sustainable clothing stores is becoming more important to many people today. We see the damage that is happening to our planet and taking these actions towards saving it is amazing to see. Every little thing you can do to reduce your waste and help the planet contributes to your ethical living.

Something important to remember is that no one is perfect in living an ethical life, I sure am not. But trying your best to help the world we live in is the steps that will lead to a better future. Living an ethical life is different for everyone but the end goal is the same, creating a better world for tomorrow and everyday after that.

Meagan is currently a communications student in Toronto, Ontario. Combined with her passion for writing and love for lifestyle, health, and wellness, she is excited to be a part of the Seek Minimal community. She’s a music enthusiast, book nerd, and a pop culture fanatic.

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