Ways to Detox After Work, That Don’t Include Watching TV

By: Melissa Motyka

When I think about growing up in the nineties, at least a dozen iconic television shows pop into my head. Except for warmer months when I’d be ushered outside, after-school time usually involved me quickly finishing my homework so I could catch up on all my favourite on-screen adventures.

It’s not hard to see why we’re so drawn to turning on the tube as soon as we get home from the office. For a lot of us, it’s how we’re used to settling in after a long day. And while it’s totally okay to turn on your most-watched Friends episode, it’s not always the best way to decompress after you’ve been staring at a computer screen for eight plus hours.  

If you want to decrease your TV time and increase your post-work relaxation, here are three screen-free ways to detox after work.

photo: Jared Rice

photo: Jared Rice

Walk like a Vancouverite

I recently met someone who moved to Toronto from Vancouver. One observation she made about people living in the Toronto area is that we don’t go out to just walk after work. She reminisced about meeting up with friends twice a week to stroll around the dog park or go for a hike after office hours.

Whether you live by the mountains, by the surf, or in a suburb, take a page out of a Vancouverite’s book and enjoy your immediate outdoor space. Nothing clears your mind like fresh air after sitting inside all day.

Reap the benefits of afternoon meditation

We know the benefits of meditating in the morning: you set a calm and positive tone for your day. But what about meditating in the afternoon? When you get home, open your favourite app and take some time to clear your mind before starting any other tasks.

If silent meditation isn’t your thing, go straight to a local yoga class and soak up every bit of that savasana at the end. Giving yourself time to get back in tune with your mind and body after a busy day will make for a more relaxed evening.

Schedule time with your favourite activity

Coming home to do chores, cook dinner, or do more work can feel exhausting. It’s usually why we neglect the activities we love and turn on the TV instead. It’s easy to mistake lounging on the couch as relaxation, when really, doing something you love is a much better way to detox.

Instead of reaching for the remote, set aside time each week to do that thing you’re passionate about. Schedule it in your calendar. Write it on your fridge. Tell yourself, your partner, your family that ‘On Tuesdays, I go rock climbing.” Make it part of your regular routine and your lifestyle, and it’ll become your new go-to after-work activity.

While it may be tempting turning to the latest Netflix craze (still not over Marie Kondo over here!) to decompress after work, your mind and body will be so thankful for some off-screen quality time spent with you.  

Melissa is a writer and lifestyle photographer from Toronto. Some of her favourite things include traveling, hiking, eating breakfast for dinner, and cuddling her cats Phoenix and Nova.