Uplifting Books to Read this Year

By Simply Simona

Summer is fast approaching and one staple I love to carry with me is a book to read – whether it’s on the beach or simply on a patio somewhere, having inspiration via incredible authors truly marks a great moment in the sun (or rain for that matter).

Today I’d love to share a few books that uplift me in hopes that they will do the same for you if you gravitate to any of these titles. Generally, some elements of a great read is when the writer can keep things simple, offer practical advice, and share new perspectives of looking at life that ultimately result in being a better person!

photo: Patrick Tomasso

photo: Patrick Tomasso

So let’s get into it:


One very impactful book this year in my repertoire is called “You Are Amazing” by Sonia + Sabrina Choquette – Tully. Not only is the cover itself beautiful; the content of every page is relatable, funny, and authentic in how these two sisters convey spiritual concepts to trust yourself and make empowering decision in your life = magic. Each chapter ends with a bullet point recap and I found this so helpful since every page is filled with gems, it’s nice that they summarize the concepts for better integration. One quote that stands out for me in this book is:

“We’re not going to lie: choosing to trust your intuition requires a serious amount of courage. Of course we want to protect ourselves from upset, pain, or disappointment. No one in his or her right mind wants to charge into chaos. We’re usually trying to find strategies to protect us from uncomfortable feelings. But when we constantly try and avoid discomfort, and close ourselves off form all the ‘scary’ or ‘bad’ things in the world, we end up closing off from all the good stuff too. Choosing to tune inward and connect to our hearts opens up a whole other dimension when we’re in charge. We discover that we’re endlessly powering and creative and awesome. Tough things become things we can learn from. We can grow and make choices that serve us.”

Powerful is a word that just scratches the surface with this read!


The second book that has influenced me a lot in 2019 is “A Daily Dose of Women’s Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D. It is a small pocketbook of quotes that can be read page by page in an hour or so (I did this initially) and then when I’m craving a dose of inspiration I simply flip open to a page and read the what’s there. I always find that the message that comes forward is the one I had to hear in the moment. As I am writing this article I flipped open to “Life is a buffet of choices. When you say yes to something, the universe lines up a whole new path. But that yes also means saying no to other possibilities. Staying stuck in ambivalence because you are afraid of making a choice leads nowhere. Take a chance. Say yes to something.” I love these styles of books since they are perfect for the those on-the-go busy days, while still offering us moments of grounding that can shift our focus back to positivity.


My last recommendation is a fun read that’s perfect by the beach! “Normal Gets You Nowhere” by Kelly Cutrone is a staple for every ladies bookshelf. It is a very raw, unfiltered book but her edginess opens the conversation to rethink what we want out of our lives. Full of her own stories and advice, this book reads like listening to an old friend share her truths and mishaps along the way.

Here is a snippet of her book:

All of us are sparks, and the whole global universe is a fireworks show. How does your spark manifest in the world? Is it progressive or effective? And what will it leave on this earth when it has moved on?

So that wraps up my fav book reads right now. It’s always amazing to see how many great authors are out there and that there is always a new way to look at any situation we face. May you feel inspired by these ladies as well as find writers that light you up and push you to live the life of your dreams.

All my best,

Simply Simona

Simona is a content creator and inspired to merge her two worlds of science and creativity to embody a life a positive intention and wellness.