Toronto’s Newest Sustainable Brick + Mortar Refill Shop


Juli, Co-Founder of eco+amour

Toronto, ON

I’m Juli, one of the three founders of the sustainable living boutique eco+amour (shout out to my partners Sarah + Laura). We’re based in Toronto and our mission is to reduce packaging waste by offering beauty + home product refill and cool, everyday eco-friendly items.

We were inspired to launch this store by wanting to do something good for the planet while continuing to work in the beauty industry (all three of us are beauty brand founders as well). Although the zero waste movement is gaining momentum, there’s still a lack of eco-friendly shops in Toronto- especially product refill options. We’re thrilled we can help bridge some of the gap.

photo: eco+amour

photo: eco+amour


eco+amour is Toronto’s destination for clean beauty + home products in bulk, and everyday sustainable living items. Our customers bring their containers and buy just what they need- we fill, weigh and they pay by weight. Some of the bulk products we carry are from our own eco+amour line, but we also bring in other brands that are open to doing refill. And we have so much product variety- beauty, bath, home products.


My co-founders Sarah and Laura were already doing refill for family and some customers (their brand is Lines of Elan). Opening a refill store was naturally the next step, especially seeing as people are demanding this kind of shopping experience. So, last July they came to me with the idea and we launched in September 2018. We’ve already grown into a larger space since then.

photo: eco+amour

photo: eco+amour

...we’re quick at partnering with companies that are doing innovative things in the zero waste space.


We’re the only brick + mortar refill shop in Toronto dedicated to beauty and home products (no plans for food). We also work with brands that are new to offering refill- they’re mostly local brands too which we love to support. On top of that, we carry a wide variety of earth-friendly items, many of which are biodegradable. We were the first Canadian stockist to introduce a few cool brands so we’re quick at partnering with companies that are doing innovative things in the zero waste space.

photo: eco+amour

photo: eco+amour


30 Bertrand Ave, Unit C9 in Scarborough, ON


photo: eco+amour

photo: eco+amour


I have SO many, but lately I’m loving my JOCO Cup, cotton mesh produce bags, and my well kept razor. We also just launched our #REFILLWARRIOR Go Kit which is so amazing!


  • By offering product refill, we’re saving countless bottles from ending up in the landfill.

  • Every single product in our store is vetted by our in-house formulator who ensures the ingredient listing is clean and up to our standards.

  • We try to work with local companies as much as possible.

  • If a customer buys something in the shop that isn’t recyclable in the city program, they can put it in our TerraCycle box.

  • And of course, being green in our behind the scenes is just as important- we reuse all the packaging materials we receive; we try to walk our talk as much as possible!