Tonic Recipes for Sustained Zen, Yet Uplifting Energy

By: Simply Simona

Why hello there! Thank you for joining me today on Seek Minimal. My name is Simona and over the years of both schooling and working, I have grown to absolutely adore coffee. For most of us, it plays an integral role in our day to day lives. After all, 83% or more adults indulge in this beverage. The moment came, however, when I had to have a hard look at my coffee habits – one or two or three a day – and face the fact that I was using it as a tool to feel energized. At first it was a great aid for early mornings but over time this chronic habit resulted in heightened feelings of unease, dizziness, and cravings for coffee each and every morning without fail. Examining this led me to realize I needed a break from a drink I found so comforting; a drink that lent that extra oomph to my groggy mornings but then led to further restless nights.

So with my natural curiosity, I was guided to look for alternative ways to get that full body feeling coffee provides, but with less stimulating and perhaps restorative effects. Hello, TONICS! This word has become my new best friend, and essentially is a drink filled with heart-opening, calming, uplifting herbs that over time lend to improved energy and provide minerals, antioxidants, and other positive contributing elements for the body. The best part is that there are so many different ways to make a tonic, so it is truly a customizable drink that can always evolve with you during your health journey.

I hope this article helps open up the idea that great coffee alternatives do exist, and to perhaps make coffee a treat rather than a necessity in our day to day lives. With all that said, here is my simple breakdown of two favourite tonic recipes I like to make.

  1. Simply Simona Signature Tonic

  2. Ashwaganda Rosemary Mushroom Tonic

photo: Simply Simona

photo: Simply Simona

Simply Simona Signature Tonic: smoky, roasted, caramel taste.

This drink I crafted with the intention to make it as close as possible to a caramel macchiato with a slight earthy feel. Great hot or iced! [Brands I use are included in brackets for reference]


  • Roasted Dandelion Tea [Traditional Medicinals] – liver detoxifier

  • Caramel Rooibos Tea [Lifted Cup] – for flavour

  • Maple Syrup – sweetener with minerals naturally

  • Milk of Choice – almond creamer goes great with this drink [Silk Vanilla Creamer or Silk Hazelnut Creamer]

  • Maca Powder [Organic Traditions] – adaptogen the body  

  • Cacao Powder [Organic Traditions] – heart opener

Optional replacement for Maca and Cacao:

  • Love Powder w/ cacao, maca, schisandra, cinnamon, damiana leaf, and ashwaganda [The Gut Lab]


  • In your favourite cup, steep 1 or 2 bags of Dandelion Tea with 1 bag of Caramel Rooibos for 15-30 minutes until tea is a dark colour. Now, add a splash of milk creamer and maple syrup to preference. Use ¼ teaspoon maca powder and ¼ teaspoon cacao powder or Love Powder from The Gut Lab. Highly recommended as it is premixed. Mix until dissolved. Voila – ready to drink!*

Ashwagandha, Rosemary, and Mushroom Tonic: lighter, soothing, relaxing, honey taste.

This tonic is a lot lighter, but when you are looking for sustained energy and calm at the same time – it really helps!


  • Ashwagandha Tea [Celebration Herbals]

  • Rosemary Tea [Celebration Herbals]

  • Honey

  • Reishi Mushroom Powder [The Gut Lab or Four Sigmatic is great] – antioxidant and immune booster


  • In a cup, steep 1 bag of Ashwagandha Tea and 1 bag of Rosemary Tea for 15 minutes or longer. Add ¼ teaspoon reishi powder and honey to taste. Sip mindfully and slowly and be sure to take a few moments to really enjoy the flavours of this drink. It may be simple but it is very soothing.*

In summary, I have found that a great tonic has a tea base (such as dandelion root), followed by your favourite milk, and then topped off with herbs/adaptogens/mushrooms of choice. These three elements allow for endless combinations. I encourage you to research the ingredients to understand more about the benefits each has for the body, as there is so much to learn about them all!

*Keep in mind, these are tonic combinations I have played around with – so feel free to experiment and see what works for you. I recommend starting with smaller amounts of maca, cacao and mushroom powders simply to see how your body responds to it and increase over time as needed or desired.

**This article is purely for informational purposes and is therefore not intended to be a substitute for any professional medical advice or diagnosis. Should you have any medical questions specific to your needs, always seek professional medical advice.

Simona is a content creator and inspired to merge her two worlds of science and creativity to embody a life a positive intention and wellness.  

You can find her on Instagram @lovesimplysimona