The Moving, Personal Story That Inspired Rose Botanica


Chelsea Poling, Owner

Santa Monica, CA

My name is Chelsea Poling and I was born and raised in Melbourne Beach, Florida. I grew up in a small beach town where I enjoyed surfing. I am currently living in Santa Monica, CA, where I am still able to enjoy my love of surfing. I also enjoy practicing yoga and reiki energy healing. I am certified in both. I love playing alchemist in the kitchen with adaptogens offered at Rose Botanica. I like to create tasty tonics for optimal wellness; a nice mid-day plant protein boost is the Blue Green Protein by Moodbeli (1 tsp)  mixed with the Tocos by Sun Potion (1 tbl) and 8 oz of plant-based milk. I get my inspiration from travel; I used to live in Sri Lanka while I worked for the US Agency for International Development, here I learned about Ayurvedic principles and ingredients, which I try to incorporate into Rose Botanica as much as possible. I love the brand UMA offered at Rose Botanica, because they handcraft natural and organic essential oil blends in the Ayurvedic tradition on their farm.

photo: Rose Botanica

photo: Rose Botanica


Rose Botanica is an online based natural wellness boutique offering a plethora of tools for self-care of the mind, body and spirit. At Rose Botanica we feature non-toxic and organic yet highly effective skin care brands, as well as bath ritual products like sea salt scrubs and soaks, tools for ritual like organic incense and candles, personal development books and journals, crystals and tarot cards for spiritual connection, and adaptogens and teas for internal wellness. We are a high-vibe, mystical boutique! All products are free from harmful toxins and animal cruelty. Check out our Product Standards for a full list of ingredients that are harmful to the body and/or environment.


Rose Botanica launched online in March of 2018 but I had been working on it for about a year beforehand.

Rose Botanica was inspired by my personal journey and discovery of the transformational power of self-care. During an all-time low in my life in late 2016 while I was living in Washington D.C., I became very depressed and anxious. I was unhappy with my circumstances and with myself and felt stuck.  For months, I retreated from my social life and found it challenging to make it to my job. Crippled with fear and lacking the self-respect and self-love to change, I sought the advice of a therapist.

My therapist asked me to look into mirror daily, directly at my pupils, and say I love you. In theory this didn’t seem challenging, but when I tried it, it felt nearly impossible. I found when I washed my face every morning, I was faced with my reflection; it was my opportunity to practice the exercise. Every morning and evening while I washed my face, I would look directly at my pupils and say “I love you” over and over again.  There were a lot of tears the first few weeks, but day by day it got easier. I gazed more softly and easily into my eyes, with kindness, compassion, and love reflecting back at me.

My therapist asked me to look into mirror daily, directly at my pupils, and say I love you. In theory this didn’t seem challenging, but when I tried it, it felt nearly impossible.

I combined this exercise with thoughtful, nourishing routines in the morning and evening. I used opportunities for personal care as acts of nurturing and caring for myself. I’d light an incense or a candle before beginning my meditation, as an act of ceremony.  In the evenings, I’d draw a bath and choose a bath soak or salts, depending on my mood. I washed my body like it was opportunity to connect to myself. I treated it as a sacred time. It may sound crazy, but I would thank my body parts while I bathed. I would thank my feet for taking me throughout the day, thank my knees for their flexibility, my arms for extending, my heart for opening, etc. It was in this time that I felt I connected to myself again, or maybe for the very first time. I began to like myself.

photo: Rose Botanica

photo: Rose Botanica

Skin-care and body-care products became self-care tools that gave me an opportunity to heal and replenish my self-love.

This is my personal journey that inspired Rose Botanica. I recognized the transformative power of using daily routines as opportunities for reconnecting, nourishing and taking care of myself. These actions, these times with myself, little by little, increased my self-love.

After 2 months of intense self-care, I was transformed into a woman with self-respect and self-love, ready to make the hard life changes I had been avoiding for years. I ended a toxic relationship and moved cross-country from Washington D.C to Santa Monica, CA.

I maintained my coveted Government position with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) on a remote basis for the first several months, but eventually was asked to come back to D.C. This was a request I was not able to fulfill. Though I felt like a different person; stronger and wiser, I knew being back in D.C would trigger patterns of behavior I wanted to keep in the past. Confident the Universe would provide, I officially quit my secure Government job and enrolled in a yoga teacher training where I met a lovely group of women, who are now my close friends. I shared my journey and passion for self-care with these women and they vehemently encouraged me to bring it to life.

With a background in business, I knew the basics, and for what I did not know, I had passion and time to figure it out. I started working on Rose Botanica in 2017, with a mission to share the transformative power self-care.

photo: Rose Botanica

photo: Rose Botanica


Rose Botanica was created because I wanted to share the transformational power of self-care, that I experienced through products.  Products became tools that were the catalyst for sacred one-on-one time. As such, all of the products offered at Rose Botanica are selected to support a high-vibrational self-care routine. To communicate this point, we’ve launched the RB RX- which is a Self-Care Assessment customers can take online for free. The Questionnaire asks you a few questions: how are you feeling and what are your concerns for mind, body and spirit. Based on your results, Rose Botanica creates a unique prescription, an RB Rx, for you with product recommendations. A special feature of the questionnaire is a complimentary Mantra Sticker based on how you said you are feeling. As an example, if you said you were feeling frustrated, your Mantra Sticker would be “I am Becoming” as reminder that these frustrated feelings are temporary, so show yourself some love and grace and trust that you are transforming and becoming.  We recommend affixing the removable mantra sticker to your bathroom mirror and reciting it every morning and evening while you doing you are doing your routine.



photo: Rose Botanica

photo: Rose Botanica


My favorite product is the vitamin rich deep cleansing facial oil, from the Swedish skin-care line called My Havtorn. It’s an organic oil based face cleanser made from sea buckthorn and sesame oil. Sea buckthorn oil is known for having a high content of antioxidants and nourishing oils such as Omega 3,6,7, 9 as well as Vitamin C. It has transformed my skin from dry with hyperpigmentation to smooth, moisturized and glowing and skin. Fortunately, it's a great price point at $30!