The Benefit of Having a Morning Routine

By: Larissa Nicole

Do you start your day with a solid routine that helps to keep you consistent every morning - or do you just go with the flow?

For me, I honestly never used to have a "routine". I used to wake up anywhere between 7 and 8am, maybe hit that snooze a couple times, roll out of bed and get straight to work. However, this past year, I’ve tried to put a few morning rituals in place and have truly found SO MANY amazing benefits from it.

photo: Sam Wheeler

photo: Sam Wheeler

In fact, some of the world’s most successful people have morning routines that they attribute to their overall success. Furthermore, research shows that having a morning routine can improve overall health, well-being, and productivity. By starting your day right, you can maximize more of your time in the mornings and reinforce the positive influences that all of these little rituals have on the rest of your day. (Because wouldn’t we ALL love a more productive morning?)

Although your morning routine can look very different than the next person’s, it’s important to find the rituals and habits that are best for YOU. Ultimately, anything you do in the morning should benefit one (or all) of the following things:


A good morning routine should ultimately save you TIME in your mornings. That way, you’re able to set yourself up for a productive day ahead! (Rituals like waking up early or planning for the rest of your day fit into this category.)

Mental/Self Discipline

Some morning rituals should be put in place as a way to build self discipline and keep you working toward a specific goal. (This can be anything from meditation, goal-setting, going for a morning run, or studying.)


The most successful morning routines always incorporate rituals that benefit your overall health - such as getting in some exercise, or eating a healthy breakfast.


This is a big one! There’s no point of having a morning routine if it causes you MORE stress than it alleviates. Rituals such as practicing gratitudes, or “eating the frog” first (doing that one big task at the beginning of your day, and not putting it off until the end) are two examples of stress-reducing morning rituals.

What does your morning routine look like? How can you incorporate new rituals into your morning that will help save you time & stress, build self discipline or benefit your overall health?

photo: Larissa Nicole

photo: Larissa Nicole

With love and wellness,