Silk Laundry’s Desire to Create Timeless, Sustainable, and Quality Pieces


Katie Kolodinski, Founder and Creative Director of Silk Laundry

Montreal, Quebec

Queensland, AU

I am first and foremost a mother of two boys. I work long hours as part of my team based in Australia. I am based in Montreal so the time difference is a killer but I absolutely love what I do, where the brand is heading, and my team of bold, strong women so it makes it easy to keep going. I love animals and I have a strong sense that I can and will do something big to help the planet. I love giving, whether it is my time, gifts to friends, or money to people suffering from homelessness. It brings me a lot of joy. I get inspiration from so many different things. It can be art galleries, my children's paintings or even how a balcony rail of an old house matches in paint color. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to pay attention. 

photo: Ezra Patchett

photo: Ezra Patchett


Luxe, feminine, artistic and real. The brand is based on classic, elegant, wearable styles and prides itself of exceptional quality.


Silk Laundry launched in 2015 with a five piece capsule collection consisting of a camisole, collared shirt, shorts, t-shirt and a slip dress. The 90s slip dress remains unchanged still today. I really was tired of shopping and finding pieces I thought should be quality long-lasting items to be made of polyester. I could never bring myself to purchase polyester pieces. I decided that women deserve better, and there should be somewhere you can go shopping that you know will be made of high-quality natural fabrics and styles that will last longer than a season in your wardrobe. 

photo: Silk Laundry

photo: Silk Laundry


Silk Laundry is unique as we have centered our brand around a timeless material to fill the needs of a particular market. I have a desire to stay true to creating quality pieces made from one of the most beautiful fabrics in the world. We use silk exclusively, sometimes blended with other natural materials to cater to various needs and create a complete wardrobe. Women always know what they are going to get with Silk Laundry, and they are returning again and again. 

Our sustainability commitments are constantly evolving.


I have a few favorites at the moment. The ribbed cami has gotten wear nearly every day this winter as my first underlayer. It comes in black and white. The slip dress is perfect. I often find myself layering this piece with a cool pair of boots and a cashmere sweater, and coming out soon is the bias skirt with buttons. I love this piece. It is so comfortable but looks really elegant and feminine. The buttons are functional so you are able to unbutton a few for extra leg if you like. 

photo: Natasha Schweitzer

photo: Natasha Schweitzer


First and foremost, I will never use a fabric that will end up in a landfill, never to decompose. Silk, if returned to the earth will eventually decompose which I think is incredible in the world we live in today. I make sure that my factories are not using any underage workers and are paid a fair wage. Our ethical commitments trace from our factory, where we view the workers as an extension of our team. We don’t believe in paying people “fairly” and instead work to pay them well. We are also continuously developing pieces that will act as a platform to raise funds for causes we believe are worth fighting for. Our recent release will raise a minimum of $25,000 and was the first of many charity initiatives. 

Our sustainability commitments are constantly evolving. We are also looking into new packaging solutions and will have ditched our classic post satchels for compostable satchels made from plants and plastic will be replaced by compostable plastic made from corn starch.