Beautiful, Timeless, and Comfortable Linen Dresses, Ethically Made in California


Joanna McCartney, Founder of Pyne & Smith

Los Angeles, CA

I’m Joanna, I am the founder of Pyne & Smith Clothiers. I grew up in a small rural village in England, and my love of travel led me to Southern California, where I fell in love with a local surfer and planted roots here. I’m inspired by nature, books, culture and travel. My interests include dressmaking, art, music, cooking and traveling back to Europe when I can!  I like to try new sports, surfing, roller derby and kickboxing.


Pyne & Smith Clothier is a small company that makes ethically made, linen dresses here in California. Our garments are designed in a timeless style, crafted to be comfortable, functional and beautiful.

photo: Pyne & Smith

photo: Pyne & Smith

I discovered the magical properties of linen and its many benefits; keeping you cool in the summer, warm and dry in the winter and it’s’ effortless aesthetic.


I started making linen dresses in 2014, after a very hot summer and an unsuccessful search for cool, comfortable dresses that were beautiful, functional and something I could run errands in, walk the dog, pick up the kids, run to the market etc. I was tired of dresses that weren’t built for everyday life.

I discovered the magical properties of linen and its many benefits; keeping you cool in the summer, warm and dry in the winter and its’ effortless aesthetic. I began making the dresses myself, and selling them at a market in Los Angeles. Now, my dresses are ethically made with the help of skilled craftspeople in California, who make a living wage and a great final product. It is exciting to support our local economy and offer fair wages for a well crafted garment.


Our linen is completely exclusive to Pyne & Smith; we custom design our garments and our fabrics here in California and the European linen mill we work with weaves it according to our specs. Then the finished linen is sent here to California where we cut and sew it into garments.

photo: Pyne & Smith

photo: Pyne & Smith





I am a big fan of Model no.17, which is super comfortable and looks rad when it’s paired with converse and a denim jacket! It’s very versatile year round! I love the chic style of Model no.27 and I’ve also been living in the overalls that I just added to our line this spring.

photo: Pyne & Smith

photo: Pyne & Smith


By using linen, which is an environmentally healthy fabric to produce (it is biodegradable and recyclable) and uses up to 20 times less water and energy than the production of cotton or other synthetic fabrics.  We craft our garments sustainably, in small batches, so we are not over producing garments. Our seamstresses are paid a fair, living wage and work in clean and safe environment, with breaks, health benefits in a family run business in Los Angeles. We also send our linen scraps to a company that repurposes the waste into car seat covers!