Primary Elements Has Changed The Game for Natural Deodorant


Jessica Olsen, Founder

Los Angeles, CA

I'm inspired by authenticity, simplicity, and optimism. I'm always looking for ways to elevate seemingly routine activities in my daily life and I'm fueled by thinking up ways to make changes for the better.  When I'm not in my studio dreaming up new ideas for products, formulating, or scenting the air with custom essential oil blends, I'm treasure hunting at estate sales and flea markets with my husband, playing with my high-energy tabby cat Medusa, or meeting up with a friend for a hike or a movie.  

Photo: Primary Elements

Photo: Primary Elements


Primary Elements is a line of rigorously researched, proudly efficient, and artfully packaged wellness and skincare essentials. Our signature product is PRIMARY Mineral Deodorant - a gender neutral aluminum free formula with a base of Magnesium, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel and a blend of 8 active essential oils. We recently soft-launched our line of CBD based products and sold out within a couple of days which was very exciting. We're in the process of restocking those now.

A female-owned business, PRIMARY is rigorously researched, proudly efficient, and produced by hand
Photo: Primary Elements

Photo: Primary Elements


When I decided to make the switch to a natural deodorant a couple of years ago, it was more challenging than I was expecting to find something I really loved. Everything I tried either irritated my skin, was messy to apply, included questionable ingredients (despite being labeled as 'natural'), or plain just didn't work. I thought, is this really as good as it gets? I have a tendency to dig in deep when I have a question about something. I spent a lot of time at the library and hours on my laptop researching everything there is to know about our skin micro-biome, information about our skin's pH, the bacteria that makes us stink, and the ingredients that can help combat the stink while still being kind to our skin's protective barrier.

When I started telling friends what I was up to, everyone was like "YES. I've been struggling to find something that works too - please make something!" My friend Amelia Giller was especially encouraging and became my first test subject. She has sensitive skin and was forthright with her notes as I refined the formula which was super helpful.

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Each Primary Elements product was first made for my own personal use, because it didn't already exist. That means that not only is each product effective, but the health effects of every ingredient used has been meticulously evaluated. I hold myself to exceptionally high standards and only feel comfortable releasing things that I'm absolutely passionate about and proud of.

Photo: Primary Elements

Photo: Primary Elements







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Primary Mineral Deodorant in 'Palmarosa' is a forever favorite, and the Primary Everyday Balance Capsules help me stay present and start my mornings grounded and focused. A true game changer.