Power of My People Creates Timeless Pieces for Capsule Wardrobes in 3 Ways


Jessica, Co-Owner

New Westminster, BC

My name's Jessica and I'm one half of Power Of My People. My partner in life and work, Kyle and I live in New Westminster, BC with our dog Taco. Our business has taken me on a journey of growth over the last 3 years - I've become so much wiser, smarter and the roller coaster that is running a small start-up has really changed me for the better. Entrepreneurship has been the main focus of my days for the past few years, but on top of that I love spending time with my family and close friends, tending to our little garden, working out at the gym, and listening to true crime podcasts - send me your recommendations!

Our initial design process always starts with two things: 1) our fabrics and 2) our community. We get a lot of inspiration by following along with our customers and influencers in the slow fashion and capsule wardrobe communities on Instagram. We get a lot of feedback and requests for items or colours they are looking for, and Kyle and I work together to create a seasonal collection that honours our vision as well as our customer's capsule wardrobes.


We are an online clothing company that specializes in women's shirting. We make our shirts in Canada and also offer a 'Studio' line of more experimental pieces that we make one by one in our New Westminster studio. Our brand ethos of creating timeless pieces for capsule wardrobes manifests through our products in 3 main ways:

1) Classic Designs - Created to withstand fleeting trends and have the ability to adapt to your evolving personal style, are...

2) Built to Last - Using the highest quality, natural fibre fabrics we can find and put together using durable construction techniques, which are...

3) Made with People in Mind - We make our shirts in Vancouver, Canada in a production house we can visit regularly and ensure fair wages and work loads.

photo:  @marlogris

photo: @marlogris


I have been obsessed with button-up shirts since my early twenties - I think they hold the perfect juxtaposition of refined and relaxed style. When done right, everyone looks great in them - but I struggled to find a button-up being offered to women that wasn't made with poor construction, cheap materials, or with stingy proportions. I would buy mine vintage from thrift stores, and I fell in love with the classic detailing of men's workwear shirts. This was the reason we started developing our own shirt patterns, and we spent 6 months iterating and perfecting them before launching the company in 2015.

I struggled to find a button-up being offered to women that wasn’t made with poor construction, cheap materials, or with stingy proportions.
photo:  @marlogris

photo: @marlogris


Power Of My People started as a means for our own self expression - an outlet for our creativity and ideas. All we wanted was to succeed in making the perfect women's button-up shirt. three years later, our shirts have become the vessel for self expression for our customers. Our shirts are defined by the people who wear them, and we are special because our customers feel special in our shirts.

photo:  @marlogris

photo: @marlogris





At the moment it's a tie between The Consigliere and The Kingpin - I'm in love with the warm tones of these two shirts. The Kingpin is made from a brushed, fall-weight linen which I had never encountered before, and The Consigliere is made in our staple flannel quality and it's just. so. soft.