LAIT Proves Luxury Candles Can Be Eco-Conscious


Jennifer Rhee, Owner

West Hollywood

I’m an OC girl, I basically moved out to LA because I wanted to pursue my passion for the fashion industry, but my family is still there. When I moved, I went to FIDM and worked in the fashion industry for almost 10 years.

I have always loved candle making. I used to do crafts for my friends and family growing up; they nicknamed me “Korean Martha Stewart” and I would always love going to craft stores. My brother is an event planner and asked me to do 250 candles for the Neiman Marcus Stiletto Strut to support breast cancer awareness. After that, I really embraced my craft.

I worked as a fashion merchandiser at PAIGE for 6-7 years; Paige found out about my passion and was so excited, she asked me to make candles for the retail store! It was amazing to do something like that, and maintain my career. About 7 months ago they had to redo my position and I was let go; instead of trying to find another job, I decided to focus on my candles and it’s been a blessing. If I still had my full-time job, I wouldn’t have time to explore, learn, and work on launching an all sustainable line. I wouldn’t have the chance to share my passion for candles.

photo: LAIT

photo: LAIT


My phrase for LAIT is nourish your senses. For the person who appreciates different cultures, nature, and all beautiful things, but also has a very minimal sense of style.

LAIT is founded on that classic french style. LAIT means milk in french, and I use all soy wax. I want you to layer in LAIT with your lifestyle. It compliments who you are. It’s another layer to a sense of well being.

photo: LAIT

photo: LAIT


When I started doing bigger orders - there was one specific order that started everything. I was making 75 candles for a couple for their wedding; they were having a two-day wedding, the first was for friends and family. They wanted to create a candle and give something special that had something to do with their special day.

What I did was did a custom process where they got to choose their own scents (ex. lavender and white tea) and choose their own quote. I hand poured all those candles in my West Hollywood apartment. The reaction was so memorable to me. I was so used to gifting these to my friends/family but there was a different feeling when it was for people I never met - they would talk about how they savor the gift. That’s when I decided that I love being able to share my craft, when I saw the excitement and how heartfelt it was.

photo: LAIT

photo: LAIT





There are 15 signature scents, and each scent has a story behind it. It’s different than buying off the shelf. Because i’m creating the candles, I love how I’m able to know what I’m putting in my product. I make sure there’s no harmful additives, nothing other than fragrance and essential oils. I handpour every single candle and don’t outsource - that’s why I stay small batch, I can ensure it’s all well-made. Everything is done in Los Angeles, I stay as domestic as possible. The glasses are all made in the US and I use recyclable packaging.

My goal is to be completely sustainable and be eco-conscious, but still have luxury candle products.

I’m really proud of being able to provide custom candles. That’s my way of really supporting local business and clients for special occasions. The thing that I found incredible was being able to collaborate with brands that have a similar ethos or mindset of what they’re all about. Whether it’s that they have a specific aesthetic or purpose, that’s something that makes it special with LAIT.

photo: LAIT

photo: LAIT



Enter the Maison de Lumière (the house of light) - aromas of leather musk imbue a sense of entering the home, adorned with objects of leather and wooden furniture. Palo Santo oil emanates aromas of crisp wood and adds a subtle sweetness apart from the other wood based scents of our collection. A tranquil garden fills the air with a harmonious blend of chrysanthemum petals and white tea buds, bergamot and citrus oils.


Celebrating the new year - inspired by new dreams, fresh starts & new chances. This citrus-blend is an exuberant burst of grapefruit & bitter orange peel to cleanse & clarify the senses. Aromatic notes of herbal green tea leaves a refreshing & floral touch but subdued by rich base notes of oakmoss, sandalwood & musky tonka.


Captivate the senses with playful top notes of tangy plum, sweet jasmine and magnolia blossoms with the intensity of sandalwood, ambrette and cedarwood. If this doesn't entice you enough, top it off with subtle notes of cardamon and clove leaf to add depth to this androgynous new edition to the LAIT collection.

photo: LAIT

photo: LAIT