Kip & Co Exudes Joy, Laughter and the Colour of Life


Alex, Co-Founder

St.Kilda, Australia

I live with my boyfriend Bobby, our baby girl Quincy who is 6 months old and our dog Jimmy. I grew up on the coast about an hour from here, on a hobby-farm with tons of animals and paddocks to roam in. I moved to the city to go to university when I was 18 and studied Art History and then, after a quarter life crisis, went back and studied Law. I worked as a lawyer in Melbourne and London before jumping into Communications - I’ve always loved writing and enjoyed the creativity of communications.

At the same time, I had started a side hustle with two of my best friends, Kate and Hayley. We had been bantering for years about starting a business and when we finally had the idea of bedlinen, we ran with it! I juggled Kip & Co with my corporate job for about five years. It meant I had no free time really, but that was such a fun time in my life - I was burning the candle at both ends, eating out every night, getting no sleep, but creating a beautiful business we are so proud of.

photo:  Nikole Ramsay

Things are a little different now - after Quincy was born, there has been a lot more eating at home, and I am still sleep deprived but for different reasons! We try to make sure we do some of the things that made us ‘us’ as a couple pre-baby - visiting art galleries as often as possible, treating ourselves to a good meal out, doing yoga or going for a long walk, travelling and enjoying a cheeky champagne when we can.


Kip & Co launched in Melbourne in 2012, it was founded by sisters Kate Heppell and Hayley Pannekoecke and me, their best buddy.

What started as a bright, colourful bedding brand, quickly expanded into a vibrant lifestyle brand with a cult following, as we brought their fun and stylish aesthetic to products for every corner of the home, and every member of the family.

Now with a global following, Kip & Co continues to be inspired by our' simple passion for interiors that are full of joy, laughter and the colour of life.

photo:  Nikole Ramsay


I think it was in 2011 when we came up with the idea- about a year before we ‘launched’ and, like many business ideas, it came from what we felt was a real gap in the market. We couldn't find bright, bold, beautiful bedding anywhere to buy ourselves just lots of safe white stuff!

We couldn’t find bright, bold, beautiful bedding anywhere to buy ourselves just lots of safe white stuff!
photo:  Nikole Ramsay


Our bedding is bright, colourful and vibrant. We’re really leading the way with mix and match and that allows people to create something really unique for themselves. These days we have products for every corner of the home, and I think creating a kind of one stop shop, that still offers really unique and original pieces, is pretty rare.



photo:  Nikole Ramsay