Ingredients You Didn't Know Were in Your Lash Serum

Lash growth serums have been taking the world by storm, offering a more permanent solution than false lashes or eyelash extensions to achieving *those* dreamy thick and long lashes. But with the rise in popularity of lash growth serums, several brands have come under scrutiny facing federal lawsuits for their use of unclear and dangerous ingredients. 

What many consumers are unknowingly purchasing are lash serums with a key ingredient called prostaglandin analogues, and this key ingredient in question, is actually the very same key ingredient that was originally intended to treat the eye disease glaucoma. Yes, you read right. When several global brands began to notice a correlation between patients using glaucoma medication and the unusual side effect of rapid and dramatic eyelash growth, it sparked the industry to begin producing serums using the very same key ingredient.

But what about the side effects, how dangerous can an eyelash serum really be?

photo: Long Lashes

photo: Long Lashes

Reported side effects are serious and staggering, which include permanent changes in iris colour, (numerous reports of blue and green eyes darkening and changing with tinges of brown), eyelid drooping, itchy eyes, eyelid pigmentation, eye sensitivity, eye infections and vision impairment. 

You may be wondering how these products are even making in into the market when serious symptoms are being reported. In countries such as Canada or Australia, prostaglandin analogues in cosmetic items are banned and classed as a poison. In the US however, the FDA’s regulations with cosmetics is much more lax than with medications, meaning cosmetic brands do not face the same level of ingredient stringency. Which only adds to consumer confusion.

The good news is there are many alternatives on the market that are more natural, low irritant but still have the remarkable results consumers are striving for. Australian-made Long Lashes is vegan, PETA certified and prostaglandin free. Founders Belinda Robinson and Felecia Tappenden created Long Lashes after both experiencing side effects from lash growth serums, despite using two different brands. They knew there had to be a safer and more conscious alternative for lash growth serums and so Long Lashes was born. A safe yet effective alternative with noticeably thicker and longer lashes in just 4-6 weeks.

When looking for which eyelash serum is right for you, Co-founder Felecia recommends “doing your research. Investigate the brand, research ingredients. Check the FAQs page on the website for further information or ask their customer service team, thats what they’re there for.”

Belinda adds, “Unfortunately many brands mask prostaglandins with complex and trademarked names which only confuses the consumer. Some of the key ingredients consumers should be looking for are Phenyl-hydroxy-pentene Dihydroxy-cyclopentyl-heptenate, Bitamoprost, Isopropyl Cloprostenate and Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide.”

Finally, when first trying out an eyelash serum, Felecia also recommends being alert to any symptoms or irritation and should it occur, to immediately cease use and speak to your health care professional.