How To Stay On Track With Your Fitness Goals While On Vacation

By: Larissa Nicole

We’ve ALL experienced the feeling of wanting to get into shape leading up to that next big trip. We try our best to eat healthy and exercise - that way, we can feel confident and unstoppable as we explore new territory, relax by the beach and/or simply reap the benefits of all our hard work. But, we also don’t want to completely let ourselves go either! It’s the age-old struggle: how can I maintain all the progress I’ve made trying to get in shape for my upcoming vacation WHILE ON vacation? The truth is, it ain’t that easy.

With all the sights, sounds, foods, smells and new experiences a vacation brings along with it, it’s tough to find the middle ground between actually ENJOYING YOURSELF on vacation, and sticking to your health and fitness goals.

However, whenever I embark on a new trip or adventure, I always try my best to follow a few of my favourite strategies that have helped me to maintain my fitness goals (to an extent) while still being able to ENJOY myself, be flexible and take it easy. (I mean, it IS a vacation after all!)

Try using these easy tips to help you stay on track while on vacation:

photo: Annie Spratt

photo: Annie Spratt


Aim to drink about 6-8 cups of water a day. This will help to maintain your body’s overall fluid levels, keep you feeling fuller and flush out all of the extra food & drinks you may be consuming on your vacay.


Even though you might not be following your usual training program, try making a point to walk absolutely EVERYWHERE. Use a step tracker (or just roughly “guesstimate” how many steps you are taking per day) and set a goal to achieve a step count that’s much higher than your usual average. This will help to offset your increased calorie intake and decreased total weekly workouts while you’re off exploring new territory.


Fill your plate with as much lean protein as is available (whether it’s chicken breast, eggs, plain yogurt, etc) and be sure to eat these things BEFORE finishing the other foods on your plate.


As difficult as I’ve found this one to be while exploring somewhere new, I’ve been trying my absolute best to get in my greens, fresh fruit and minimize the consumption of fried & fatty foods. This may involve some research on your end to find some healthy, local restaurants or grocery stores, but in the end, it’s definitely worth it!


As always, I’ve saved the best (and truly most important!) tip for last. Sure, you may not be building muscle on this trip and getting into the best shape of your life, but if you do your best to not be so hard on yourself, take it easy and make the most of your vacation, you’ll look back and appreciate that you did. And if you really want the margarita, just order the margarita!

With love and wellness,