How to Reduce Stress and Live Happier (and Ultimately, Burn More Fat!)

By: Larissa Nicole

Yes, you read that title right.

Did you know that elevated stress levels are linked to an increase in water retention, emotional overeating and weight/fat gain (among other health-related issues)?

That means, the more stressed out we get about not looking a certain way, or achieving a specific weight-loss goal, will actually work to PREVENT you from losing that weight in the first place.

Truthfully, it becomes a bit of a sick cycle - we're stressed about something, so we eat emotionally to fill that void, then we stress about having overeaten in the first place, which ultimately causes us to hold onto more water, those cortisol levels spike up even higher, and we find ourselves in an even worse position than when we had originally started. Ugh! I know this cycle all-too-well...

photo: Annie Spratt

photo: Annie Spratt

You can bet that over the course of my own fitness journey, I've had my fair share of stress and emotional overeating. (I mean, I'm human!) But I'm doing my absolute best to practice more rituals that help to eliminate stress and make me happier overall.

These include:

→ getting outdoors/being in nature

→ going for a nice walk (esp. with a friend/loved one!)

→ listening to my favourite podcasts

→ writing/journaling

→ reading a good book

→ cozying up with my new weighted blanket (this has been a life saver!)

→ listening to old vinyl records

→ cooking a good meal

→ creating something

Note: These are some practices that personally have helped ME to reduce stress and promote a healthier & happier mindset; however, this can vary from person to person!

I highly encourage you to write down a list of the things that truly make YOU happy - so that when those feelings of guilt, shame, overwhelm or stress come knocking at your door, you can pick an activity that helps you work through it and go back to kicking ass & reaching those goals, totally stress-free!

What practices do you have when you want to reduce stress & live happier? Comment BELOW!

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