How to Embrace Minimalism

By Simply Simona

Everyone is familiar with the term spring cleaning, so in honour of that I’d thought I’d talk about embracing minimalism. And not just in the fad term sense of things – but really diving deep and decluttering our spaces and our hearts consistently.

Objects we keep and the spaces where we spend our time in are a direct reflection of our inner workings, and while often we are told to look inward… minimalism offers a more hands on approach to understanding who we are in the moment. With that awareness, we can actively cultivate the vision of ourselves we are striving to attain and let our space and our belongings mould to that new reality. Is this  process easy? Sometimes yes, but a lot of times – no. Minimalism gives you the chance to really see what you cling to and then leaves you to ask why. This is an uncomfortable process by far because we have to revisit our beliefs for so many aspects of ourselves.

photo: Sylvie Tittel

photo: Sylvie Tittel

I also think however, minimalism isn’t about having the fewest amount of things. It simply making space for new energy to fill the vacuum of letting go. Often we keep mementos around that never see the light of day or remind us of a tough or unhappy moment in time. This is where minimalism can shine brightly, and relieve lingering tension when it is done mindfully. Holding that object, reflecting on who you were and how your life was like at that moment is a beautiful reminder of how far you’ve come and that final release is acknowledgement that you have learned your lessons and are ready for a new chapter. Often I find when it is done in this manner, really amazing things begin to unfold very quickly – that universal nudge it was the right time to have decluttered.

To keep it simple, my one main tip is start light. Is there anything around you that quietly nudges you from time to time to move or get rid of? Where no matter you place it or keep it, it just gets in the way or doesn’t look right despite reorganizing? Sometimes this will take a while, but simply notice over weeks and months what continually prompts you. Then take it away, sit with it, and really consider making an area for those “maybe” objects you could throw away/donate. Then if it stays there a while, that’s generally a clear indication it can go. Afterwards, see what shifts happen for you and around you as you let go of things. You’ll start to see a trend of feelings come up, which can help fine tune whether those things in the “maybe” box do stay or do go. During my process, I take it as a great thing if I don’t have lingering thoughts about the items that I have parted with. They served their purpose and now I hope they have a great new home / are recycled again. In this way, parting with things can help you usher fresh energy and also help others via donations with something they might exactly need.

With all that said, always remember that this is YOUR process and that minimalism is just a tool to tap into your feelings in a hands on way. Keep it balanced, take your time, but don’t be afraid to dive deep.

Simona is a content creator and inspired to merge her two worlds of science and creativity to embody a life a positive intention and wellness.