This Handmade Jewelry Embraces Irregularity and Unique Lines


Allison Teicher, Founder of Eyde

Silverlake, CA

Hi, I’m Allison Teicher! I’m a native Californian and I’ve lived in Silver Lake for seven years now. Most of my inspiration comes from my travels (Hanoi, Montepulciano, Paris, and Berlin most recently). I love making things with my hands and it’s so inspiring to see the way makers around the world do the same.

photo: Eyde

photo: Eyde


Eyde is a handmade jewelry line using lost wax casting and other methods to create unique, wearable art.


In 2017 I created Eyde from a simple desire to work with my hands. I quit my full-time fashion design job to start my own line and happened to take a jewelry-making class that captured me. I fell into jewelry and then I fell in love with it.

photo: Eyde

photo: Eyde

I want Eyde wearers to feel like the piece was made for them.


Eyde embraces irregularity, unique lines, and a one-of-a-kind feeling. Each piece has its own particular spirit, meant to evoke the love we have for the people in our communities (something that can’t be replicated twice). I want Eyde wearers to feel like the piece was made for them.



photo: Eyde

photo: Eyde


My favorite Eyde piece is the Erela Earring. It is brand new, a part of the "Moon Child" collection that was inspired by The Neverending Story (loved that Empress).


My main goal with Eyde is to have no excess. I make each piece by hand and everything 's made to order. I started out in the fashion industry and have seen so much waste. Slow fashion > fast fashion, any day.