Coyuchi Makes People Feel Good and Protects The Earth


Eileen Mockus, President + CEO

Growing up in a household where my mother and five sisters all sewed, I have been passionate about textiles as long as I can remember. I pursued a bachelor of science in textile and clothing from the University of California, Davis, and a master of science in business administration, with an emphasis on small business and entrepreneurship, from San Francisco State University.

I learned about entrepreneurship first-hand while developing new products for the North Face, and honed my business development and branding skills at Pottery Barn Kids and PB Teen. At these and other iconic brands, such as Patagonia, I made use of my deep knowledge of the technical side of the textile business, working in fabric development, materials testing, product development and sourcing.

I first became interested in organic cotton and improved processing for textiles while visiting manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia. The challenge of making high-quality products in a way that is respectful to the people who make them, as well as to the earth, drew me to Coyuchi and helps guide my vision for the company as we grow.

photo: Coyuchi

photo: Coyuchi


Coyuchi makes responsibly sourced organic textiles for the home. We make people feel good, we protect the earth, we care for our partners, employees, and customers. We make homes truly restorative, nurturing places. Places of trust, places of comfort and places of relaxed, luxurious style.

At Coyuchi we are committed to our core ideals; sustainability, highest quality organic and consciously processed fibers, great design and a truly human commitment to everyone who interacts with our product, from artisans to customers. We support organic farming because of its positive impact on farmers and work closely with GOTS to ensure healthier alternatives to conventional practices, thus healthier soil. Healthy soil yields carbon-neutral farms, which help to combat climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.

From the soundness of our customers and their families to the health of the planet, we are dedicated to combating climate change. It’s advocating for integrity when creating any type of product. Our soft fibers and comforting bed and bath linens feel good against your skin and even better down in your soul. For us, it’s more than a philosophy, it’s what we’re made of.

photo: Coyuchi

photo: Coyuchi


Coyuchi was founded by Christine Neilson in 1991. The idea came after connecting with a cotton grower in Northern California who had discovered how to organically grow naturally colored cotton strong enough for weaving. Nielsen understood the benefit of organic vs conventional farming and starting making organic bedding and home goods, items that were obsolete on the market. Deeply inspired to protect the health of the planet Neilson wanted Coyuchi to grow and for there to be a larger demand for organic textiles, thus she sold the company in 2008. Her vision to create high quality, luxury linens without harm to the planet is still the mission we carry out 27 years later.


Coyuchi is so much different than other home textile companies. We do not consider our linens to be a commodity, we craft products that are high quality and can be passed down to future generations. We don’t just make great towels, sheets and soft goods for your home, we help you create inviting spaces that are as comforting as they are conscientious. Our commitment to following the strictest standards and certifications ensure we are crafting nontoxic products that are safe for the health of our planet and customers. As the trusted resource you invite into your home, we work with partners that help us produce thoughtfully without compromise to design, comfort or luxury, such as GOTS, 1% For the Planet, Fibershed, Made Safe and Fair Trade.

photo: Coyuchi

photo: Coyuchi


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I love everything we craft! I never pick favorites. That said, our Organic Linen Bedding is very special, being that organic linen is difficult to source, so I am really proud of the work we did with that product.