Celebrating International Women's Day

In honor of International Women’s Day we asked a few females who inspire us what makes them proud to be a woman?

We fight the fight, and we won’t stop fighting until we are heard and we are equal. We will climb over whatever roadblock is in front of us to have our voices heard. No one will stop us! Being a woman is powerful!

- Nitasha Goel, The Cure Apothecary

Inner Beauty makes me proud to be a Woman. Women have the gift of unveiling a beauty that is deep and graceful. It was a long battle for me to understand, accept, and be ok being myself the way I was made. After entering my 30’s I found my true self, and learned how to give myself grace. And after I learned love and acceptance makes me beautiful, I was able to show the same grace to others. Every human being was made beautiful and they are worthy of love.

- Eshie Kim, Mantle Jewelry

Empowering other women around me. Showing how kindness and perseverance can go a long way.

- Scarlet Penaloza, Hey Moon Designs

My strength is in my malleability. To be bent, agitated, and tried, only to make room for growth, forgiveness, and resurgence. Also, my vagina is pretty awesome too.

- Cassandra Juradinho

photo: Les Anderson

photo: Les Anderson

The wisdom and strength that has been passed down to me by a lineage of beautiful, strong women that refused to be silent, makes me incredibly proud to be a woman. The constant guidance that I am given by my ancestors is always something I will be forever grateful for. I am also proud to be around phenomenal woman that are resilient and refuse to bow down to misogyny and gender normative roles.

- Diana Diaz, Diana Diaz Label

I’m proud to be a women for having the strength to carry another human being, break our bodies, and do it all over again. Women, in a supportive community, who lift each other up, bring a dynamic power to the table, and for that, I’m grateful.

- Marie Miao, IRRO IRRO

I am proud to be a woman because I believe we represent all that is soft and feminine, yet strong and bold at the same time. As the underrepresented gender of our society, our challenges and barriers have molded us to become resilient, smarter, emotionally deep, better versions of ourselves. And so much creativity is unearthed through such experiences.

- Jennifer Kim, Behavior LA

Sisterhood. There’s nothing like girlfriends. The love that I give and receive from the women in my life is like nothing else. Being a woman is always the base and we help each other build on that base.

- Teri Hart

photo: Giacomo Ferroni

photo: Giacomo Ferroni

I’d say what makes me most proud to be a woman is the collaborative, empowering nature of women. All the women I know share, support and love without question. We’re all lifting each other up.

- Emily Thring, The Quiet Company

The instant connection it creates for me with other women - a bond built on the shared understanding of what it means to be a woman. Thinking of all of the bad ass women in the past who have paved the way for us, and the trailblazers who are doing it right now. My ability to love and nurture. And the curves on my body.

- Marilee Devries

I feel so privileged to be a woman today. So many powerful women and historical events have taken place to pave the way for our equality. I know without these women and events, I wouldn’t have the education and opportunity that I do in this very moment. So today, as a woman entrepreneur, I am proud to help pave the future for woman equality. And let’s not forget... man came from woman. Never forget that boys!

- Nika Adams, JIV Athletics

A woman’s true courage and strength is demonstrated by her love for others including herself. I’m proud to be a woman because we are living proof that love is not to be mistaken for weakness.

- Jennifer Rhee, LAIT Essentials

photo: Cadette Jewelry

photo: Cadette Jewelry

I’m proud to be a woman because of the inherent traits that comes with being a woman: a fiery spirit, sensitive and warm soul, and caring and nurturing nature. It’s all of these traits that have made me who I am today, and have all helped me, in various ways, to tirelessly work towards my dreams, overcome continuous hurdles, and surround myself with the right people.

- Allison Asis, Cadette Jewelry

Our womb. Our intuition. Our balance of resilience and compassion. All of the colors, forms, sensualities, expressions and varying embodiments of what it is to be a woman. For me personally, I embody more of the feminine essence, and I’m grateful for the way I get to explore it in this form. I’m thankful for the ways I am learning to move through life like water - with a deep and vast stillness. One with the power to transform into tsunamis. Women are so fucking powerful. And I’m humbled to be just one of the molecules in our vast ocean.

- Hannah Blake, The Kaia Method

It’s a gift to be a woman. It comes with a heavy responsibility though. Here in the U.S., we have rights and freedom to educate ourselves and have careers and run companies thanks to many courageous women of our past. Some of us are also still responsible for caring for our children and running households. This makes life more complicated. But I think the beauty of being a woman carrying all these responsibilities, is it’s in our nature to have the ability to manage and care for all the complexities of life. To be a woman is beautiful, we are strong and courageous, but also gentle and nurturing. Being a woman is something to treasure.

- Lauren Kellim, Humble & Grand

What's empowering about being a woman, especially today is that there are no limits to what I can achieve. I feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to, and not only succeed, but be supported by other incredible women. We want to see each other go far and that's a crazy feeling. 

To have a day to honor each other and feel beautiful on the inside and out proves how empowering we truly are. Thank you to the inspiring females who shared what makes them proud to celebrate this day.

- Joss, Seek Minimal