Arraei Collective is a Mosaic of Minimal Boheme Basics Made With All Natural Fibers


Natalie, Founder of Arraei Collective

Im Natalie, an artist, designer and owner of Arraei Collective, I am a South African currently based in Vancouver, BC. I have a deep passion to create and manifest beauty in all types of art mediums. I was drawn to start working with textiles and clothing as I feel that fashion is a true expression of living art that fascinated me.

When I started Arraei I had been searching for a meaningful way to connect my passion for conscious living and creative expression with my love for hemp - so working with fashion seemed like the perfect union. I’m inspired by the harmony that exists in nature, the balancing energy that keeps everything in motion and the seeming simplicity of it all - I draw on these concepts when I design the garments.

photo: Arraei Collective

photo: Arraei Collective


Arraei Collective is a women's ethical and sustainable fashion brand that is rooted in a conscious and mindful lifestyle. It is a mosaic of minimal boheme basics made with all natural fibers. A collection for the wandering souls, inspired by the harmony that exists in nature.

Crafted responsibly in Vancouver, BC. Arraei Collective is a way for us to connect with the earth- to go back to nature, and be rooted in a conscious lifestyle. Our vision is to harmonize humanity and the planet. We facilitate the union of responsible thought with action and provide a way for people to connect with ethically and sustainably made pieces that uplift and empower humanity.




Arraei Collective was founded in a moment of awakening while traveling on a bus in India in 2017. I was on a mental quest to figure out what I wanted to do when I stopped traveling, and how to connect all my passions. India was a significant part of Arraei's story as it is a deeply inspirational place for me- being there allowed me to really visualize the future I wanted to create for myself and for the world. I visualized the future of Arraei on that bus in India and so when I moved to Canada in 2017 I started building Arraei, making that dream a reality!

photo: Arraei Collective

photo: Arraei Collective

The Arraei women exudes confidence through graceful self expression, knowing that she is in harmony with herself and nature.


One of the best parts about Arraei is our commitment to sustainability (environmental and social) we are committed to being fully transparent about our entire process and all of our materials. We want to create garments that people feel good about wearing. All our garments are made with natural woven Hemp textiles (along with some linen pieces) - making them extremely eco-friendly, durable and beautifully unique. We design for a minimal boheme look, elegant and uncomplicated. The Arraei women exudes confidence through graceful self expression, knowing that she is in harmony with herself and nature.

photo: Arraei Collective

photo: Arraei Collective


Presently we only work with fabrics that are certified and 100% natural. We work with 2 certification boards: Oeko-tex and GOTS to ensure our fabrics are manufactured responsibly and sustainably. Beyond that we are committed to using recycled, and natural options for all our packaging. Our mailers are 100% recycled polyester, all our paper is recycled, we use hemp twine for our hangtags. Every where we can we choose the most eco-friendly option. We have chosen to produced locally to minimiZe our carbon footprint, and if the time comes where we need to move offshore we are partnered with a "plant a tree" program where we can mitigate out carbon footprint by planting a tree for every sale. The other thing that contributes to out sustainability goals is that our garments are made to last, crafted with the finest quality materials. We encourage all our customers to go slow, live simple and choose well. 


The TWA TRENCH, is our signature and very first piece, it carries with it all that is ‘Arraei'. This trench embodies all the iconic design elements of the Arraei look from the fabric to the fit. It took weeks to source the perfect fabric, and when I finally did I had countless dreams about it. This lush oatmeal hemp consumed my thoughts, inspiring and shaping the rest of the capsule collection.