AllSwell is a Simple Idea Connecting You With Your Creative Voice


Laura Rubin, Founder + Creative Director

Venice, CA

I’m originally from the East Village of NYC. After splitting my time between the city and Montauk, NY for years -- feeling torn whenever I had to lead the little beach town to head back to the city but not ready to give up a dynamic career -- I decided to give Los Angeles a try. I moved to Venice, a place where I can do the activities I love (hike, surf, be in nature) without sacrificing an interesting professional life.

I now live in a tiny bungalow with no insulation (it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter) and no closet space. But it’s walking distance to the beach, has a beautiful front porch, banana trees in the front yard and a massive yucca tree in the back. As far as I’m concerned, it’s heaven.

My community inspires me; they’re makers, mommas, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists. We all look after each other, support one another’s spirits and projects.

Also, I’m never not reading at least 3 books at a time. And of course, I journal twice a day (free write in the morning, lists at night). I try to get outside and spent some time in nature multiple times a week. It diffuses pent up energy and grounds me, helps me be my best self.

photo: AllSwell

photo: AllSwell


AllSwell started as a passion project -- a single blank notebook. It’s now grow into a series of workshops, analog products and travel experiences conceived to encourage creativity in all its forms.

photo: AllSwell

photo: AllSwell


I was out on a surf check one morning in Montauk and I got skunked. No waves. But it was a beautiful day so I spread my towel on the beach and journaled instead. I wrote “Swell or no swell, all’s well.” That was the genesis of the brand.

I like to both write and draw and had been looking for one notebook with room to do both but couldn’t find any products with both lined and unlined paper. So, I made some with a printer up in Maine that I knew. I showed the first batch to my a few of my friends with cool stores and they were happy to sell them. Those sold out. I made some more. And those sold out.

It’s been a really organic process. I now have a suite of products to inspire creativity and I lead AllSwell workshops all over the world to help folks connect with their own innate creative voice. And everyone has one, regardless of whether they are a “creative” for a living. That’s where the juicy stuff in life is, the treasure trove that leads to adventure and fulfillment. Watching folks crack open and connect with that source is endlessly humbling, fascinating and beautiful to witness.

Watching folks crack open and connect with that source is endlessly humbling, fascinating and beautiful to witness.
photo: AllSwell

photo: AllSwell


Every AllSwell workshop / trip is as unique as the group of rockstars that sign up. These experiences tend to self-select pretty amazing humans. I’m blow away by the quality of who shows up.  



photo: AllSwell

photo: AllSwell


I created this ocean-themed notebook in collaboration with some of my female surf-entrepreneur friends including saltwater goddess Kassia Meador and it makes me happy every time I use it.