A Holistic Approach to Creating a Space That Meets Our Needs

By Lauren Kellim

In this ever-busy world, home is becoming a refuge for many. We are finding that more and more, clients are asking for simplicity, warmth, a nurturing space. Of course, style plays a big role as well. But the central task is to create a home that encourages well being. Home needs to be a place that honors mental, social and physical well being. When we look at holistic medicine, practitioners have many ways to heal your ailments. But their common shared approach is to take into account the whole person, not just the specific illness. They are guided by the interconnection of the mind, body and environment. Ancient healers recognized the importance of emotional and spiritual well being in achieving physical health.

photo: Humble & Grand

photo: Humble & Grand

We can take note from the ancient roots of holistic health and employ their technique in how we design our homes. Consider these 5 points in creating a space of calm, stillness and well being in your home.


Before we get into the color and balance of your home we must have a value base. What matters to you most? When you have a solid set of personal values, making decisions on how you want to live becomes clearer. Even if it is a choice of painting a wall green or painting it gray.

They guide all of our actions.


How do you want to feel when you are at home? Do you want to feel nurtured? Like home is your sanctuary, a place that will enhance your life?  When considering how to style your home, be it modern farmhouse or global nomadic, how do the elements of these designs make you feel? Do you feel calm when you have a warm, beautiful antique cabinet and some pillar candles decorating your space? Really think about how colors, tones and different styles of furnishings make you feel.

photo: Humble & Grand

photo: Humble & Grand


It is of great importance to have a functional living space. Before you set out on your big design project, draw up a space plan. Think about how you move around your home, how furniture placement can create efficiency. By planning ahead this will help you avoid purchasing unnecessary items. In fact, your home may just have everything it needs.

photo: Humble & Grand

photo: Humble & Grand


Simplicity is one of the most influential ways we can improve the wellbeing of our home. Clutter compromises our perception of home.  It can lead to feelings of anxiety and mental fogginess. Simplicity frees us from this.

Always remember to question whether a product will add value to your life and home. Think like an editor! Don't be afraid to get rid of things that are not quite fitting into your life or in alignment with the feelings of your home.

photo: Humble & Grand

photo: Humble & Grand


Here I am not referring to environmental sustainability, although, this should always be of consideration. Rather, I am referring to a standard of timelessness, where the bones of your home and the investment furniture pieces will withstand trends and lifestyle shifts.  When choosing things like dining tables, bed frames and dressers, ask yourself if you could see this piece with you throughout your life. If a standard is upheld as to your base style, you will still have the creative freedom to mix styles, but you will still sustain a timeless look. A note to remember, sometimes feelings of security come from things not changing too much around us, adding to our overall well being.

A note to remember, sometimes feelings of security come from things not changing too much around us, adding to our overall well being.

We are excited to see the traditional model of the interior design business be disrupted a bit. Taking a holistic approach is good for everyone, from businesses to residential homes, to hotels.  Thinking about how the design of our spaces can encourage growth and moments of stillness and rest are becoming essential to our human spirits. Observe your whole home, treat it holistically, and enjoy seeing the connection between mind, body, spirit and community flourish!

Written by Lauren Kellim  

Interior designer and stylist at Humble & Grand