5 Ways to Rebuild Your Confidence

By: Chelsey Spano

We are all human and we all have periods of time where we get down on ourselves. At one time or another our ego will take a hit. Sometimes the punches keep coming and before we know it, we’ve hit the mat. So how do we get back up after a confidence TKO?

Practice gratitude & self love

Instead of putting negative attention towards the things you don’t like about yourself or your current situation, shine a light on all that is positive in your life and what makes you unique! It’s the age-old adage, “count your blessings” but self-directed. Get your mental sweat on and list 3 or 5 or 10 things you LOVE about yourself and your life every morning. For example; maybe you have a killer sense of humour, or perhaps you have gorgeous eyes, or you have that unique ability to bring a calming presence to those around you! Acknowledge your wonderful qualities and be thankful for them.

When we take the time to be mindful of everything good that we have going, we strengthen our spirit and our mind to think positively more naturally. Start your day off with gratitude because when we can truly appreciate the qualities, we love about ourselves, we begin to exude that confidence naturally. You’ll feel happy on the inside and be glowing on the outside. That is where your confidence will stem from. Bloom and be grateful, and no need for humility because this is a mental exercise. Give yourself a little ego-boost!

Goal Setting. Envision. Reward

There is nothing like giving yourself a challenge or a task to complete and being able to see it through. Sport psychology has taught us that envisioning the outcome you want will more likely lead to success in achieving your goal. Start small and reward yourself for reaching new milestones. With each win, you will be laying down new foundation in your inner confidence brick by brick. Proving to yourself that you can be successful in your everyday achievements, which will translate to those bigger goals in your life. Dream big kid.


When we find ourselves feeling uninformed, or if we are struggling with the feelings associated with “imposter” syndrome, our confidence is vulnerable. Knowledge is power, so do your research and get informed. Buckle down and find the answers you feel you don’t have. For many of us, we struggle with feeling confident in the workplace. We are afraid to look stupid in front of our peers. We place pressure on ourselves to not screw up and risk losing our job. That is negative attention once again. It will occupy your mind, lower your confidence and waste your energy getting you nowhere fast.

Consult with others in your workplace who might have more experience than you. Learn from them! Every contact you make is a relationship you are building and an opportunity for a life or career lesson. If you feel shy, then hit the books or search credible resources online. Knowledge is power, and by learning you will have the evidence to back up what you’re saying and what you’re doing in your career. And please don’t lie. Don’t just “fake it ‘til you make it” because you might get burned. Or you will build a false sense of confidence. Being truly confident in yourself means also being able to admit when you don’t have all the answers. No shame in that game.

photo: Aga Putra

photo: Aga Putra

Exercise & Nutrition

Working out is a sure-fire way to build your confidence. The mind/body connection is huge. Getting your fitness on will release endorphins and reduce your cortisol levels (which cause us stress).  Exercise naturally elevates the good feelings within us. Physical activity is also a way to prove to yourself that you are strong and capable of achieving anything you set your mind to! As much as it is a test to your physical strength, it is equally a test to your mental capacity. When you push yourself and create that inner narrative while you’re running or holding a plank or lifting heavier weights…that voice inside of yourself becomes stronger and louder. Before you know it, you have become your own motivational speaker! You will feel more comfortable in your own skin because your body will gain strength and control. But more importantly you will know that no matter how tough a challenge may seem, you can and will rise to it! Show yourself what you’re made of.

Unplug & Connect (in real life)

Social media is a fun and engaging space, after all you’ve likely stumbled upon this article that way. But it does have the power to make us feel worse about ourselves. The constant scrolling and streaming of images, lifestyles, and information leaves us wanting. Examining, and critically analyzing ourselves while comparing to others. This can be a quick way to bully your own confidence if you’re not careful. It is important to remember that what we see on Instagram or Facebook is just a picture. It represents a moment in time, and not an entire day or a true depiction of someone’s life. We know what we each choose to post. It’s usually when we feel we look our best, or when we are out doing something cool and that we are proud. So, stop comparing yourself to what others are doing online. I

t’s a good idea to unplug every so often and truly connect with others in person. Or go outside and connect with nature! Listen to the birds chirping and look around to see your environment and not what others want to show you through your phone. Get back to the hobbies you had before you had a smartphone in your hand. Make time for that stuff. These real-life connections in real time will leaving you feeling more in tune with others, your surroundings, and ultimately with yourself. There is a whole world out there just beyond your arm’s reach of that smart phone. Explore it and I’m willing to bet you’ll find out who you truly are and what your place is in this world, leading to a more confident you! It’s nice to meet you…

Dr. Chelsey Spano is a chiropractor & medical acupuncture provider from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She is a mom of two, a writer, an athlete, & fitness enthusiast who is passionate about health, wellness, and nutrition. Her mission is to share her knowledge and care for patients. She is excited to be a part of the Seek Minimal community to expand her reach and empower others to live a healthy lifestyle full of love, positivity and happiness.


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