5 Ways to De-Stress Before Bed

By Mariah Pardy

My schedule is usually very hectic. Working a 9 to 5 with endless freelance hours and trying to maintain a social life on top of that can become overwhelming. That’s why I take my nighttime routine seriously when I am trying to unwind from a busy day or week. I think that preparing for a good night’s sleep is important for your health, well-being, and mind.

Below are some tips and tricks that I’ve found have worked the best for my routine, I am happy to share and hope the same serenity happens for you.

Tidy Up

Before I head to bed, something that I enjoy doing is tidying up my room. I personally feel that when any space I’m in is in order then I feel slightly more in order. I feel that when my room is a mess that this contributes more to the weight of stress on my shoulders from the day. Having a tidy room or a made bed before you go to sleep can help you relax and have you feeling more organized.

Have a Soothing Shower

I came across this shower routine not that long ago via Instagram; it involves putting a few drops of lavender into your hot shower prior to getting in, having a salt lamp on in the bathroom with the overhead lights off, and having calm and soothing music playing. I gave this a go and I just can’t go back. A shower alone is amazing to de-stress after a long day, but this routine does wonders for the soul. HIGHLY recommend.

Sip on a Relaxing Tea

I have always been a tea drinker, so this has always been a part of my nightly routine. What better way to relax than to sip on a cup of chamomile tea to warm you up before a good night's sleep? Another tea that is great for before bed would be Mother’s Little Helper from David’s Tea, which contains Valerian root, which is known to relax nervous tension and induce feelings of sleepiness. It is also said to help digestion and to ease the mind.

photo: Carli Jean

photo: Carli Jean

Choose a Cozy Scent

While sipping on my tea, I like to light a calming candle; my personal favourite is the Stress Relief candle from Bath & Body Works or any scent that has lavender. I also love using my essential oil diffuser. With essential oils there is a range of different relaxing scents, a quick Google can provide suggestions for what is the best fit for you.

Play Some Soothing Sounds

Silence isn’t for everyone when it comes to sleep, at least not always for me. I personally don’t enjoy falling asleep to TV, but sometimes I do enjoy some background noise, which is why if I’m looking for help to fall asleep I like to turn on a relaxing nature sound compilation or a soothing meditation playlist. This really helps me drown out my worries from the day and has me fall asleep with a clear mind.


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